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Counting backwards game

This is a part of the Counting backwards game. The student has to drag a stone to allow the boy to jump. In case the wrong stone is dragged, the boy looks disappointed and the software places the correct stone.

Initially response from our students has been positive, so we plan to go ahead and add more. Feedback from some students is always gathered before publishing more games of the same type. Also, to teach the same concept other games are added, just in case some students do not prefer a certain type of game. As usual, this game is also linked to the Learning Plan. So, if a teacher adds the concept of ‘counting backwards’ to a student’s Learning Plan, then the plan is updated as soon as the student plays this game.

One of the reasons for taking feedback and providing other games for a certain concept is to ensure that children with Special needs do not face any problems due to visual perception challenges or any other reason. In this video music has been added, but the actual game doesn’t have the music and audio is limited to game instructions and feedback.

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