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Motivating with badges

Badges are given to children as they complete games and activities related to a topic in the EdQueries E-learning site. The badges are displayed in the user’s profile, on the dashboard and within the course. The main idea of the badges is to motivate the children.

Badges won by the user are displayed in the user’s profile

Badges inside the course

The question we asked ourselves, when creating the badges, was whether children would understand the significance of the badges, especially if the children are very young.

An interesting answer was provided by a Special Educator. “Parents like motivation too. They would be proud of the child’s achievements.”

That rung true. Parents are proud of their child’s achievements and it does give great satisfaction to collect the badges.

Once the child starts realising the significance of a prize, a medal; he or she is proud of all the medals won in the past as well.

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